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Zatar is a Natural Successor to Abstract Expressionism


Small Painting

Amazing artwork! Breathtakingly beautiful, great!!! Fascinating work. Charming! L/F

Art Show of Best 138 Works
Modern & Contemporary Art


Boom 2024

Small Painting

One of my first NFT's Best Cryptocurrency, Crypto.



Small Painting


Samll Painting


"Wow your blessed with an artistic insight I am really impressed by your creativity." - Enter Art Gallery

Jean-Michel Basquiat Very Rare Never Seen Before Collage NFT

Small Painting

"Masterful Masterpiece! You have an imaginative power and a unique vision. "Inspiring" - Marvin Anthony

Press: The Throw Artist - Abstract Expressionist - Kinetic Abstraction Painter

Tom Zatar Kay Wins - The People's Choice In Exhibition - TO: Tom Zatar Kay - Dear Tom, - Congratulations! - The Woodstock Artists Association & Museum is happy to inform you that your work, "Love in Space" was the People’s Choice in the exhibition Grey Matter We congratulate you on your excellent work! - Sincerely, - Meredith Rosier - Chair, Exhibitions Committee

Luna Meteor Shower

"Love your artworks it's outstanding and fantastic! Your art are really attractive to me, would love to purchase some as NFT" - James I

Pink on White

Exploding Space


Blue Halloween

Red White Blue

Pink on Blue

White on Blue

Purple Black White

Pink Pink



Show White

Show Blue

Show Two

Show Pink Blue


Pink on Blue 22

Pink X

Pink X2

Black 22

Black Fine 22

Black Start

Black & White 2

Black on White

White Black 3

WhiteBlack 7

Black & White 3

Black & White 1

Black & White 4

White Number One

White Two

White Holloween


Red & Pink

Blue X

Blue 2 One

Blue 2 Two

Blue Chair

Yellow 2


Pink Free

Love in Space

Note: All the above images are ©copyright 2024 Tom Zatar Kay

Article about Tom Zatar Kay in Kingston Times, Splatter King

Following Pollock: Tom Zatar Kay Art Show at Silent Space Gallery

Press Release: Art Opening: Following Pollock - Abstract DayGlo Works by Tom Zatar Kay

"Silent Space Gallery Kingston NY, The art at "Silent Space Gallery can be a bit challenging to look at. An exhibit by Woodstock artist Tom Zatar Kay, for instance, used black light and spinning Day-Glo painting to transform the gallery into a psychedelic experience that was definitely interesting, if nothing else." - Insider’s Guide to the Hudson River Valley

Action Painting in DayGlo Colors
Black Light Art

"Under black light it will explode!... This is Jackson Pollock gone wild." - Art Auctioneer Barry Cherwin - Past President of the New York City Auctioneers Association

Artist Statement

I can remember once when I was younger being at a fair and enjoying doing spin art where you would pour and drip paint on spinningpaper. I loved that concept: putting the art in God's hands; randombeauty with lots of colors and energy.

Throwing paint is a spiritual, ethereal, cathartic, kinetic experience for me. When I paint I find myself in a state of ecstasy, constantly praying and meditating. I enter a hypnotic trance, a dynamic involvement in the creation - a unique, spontaneous, and unrepeatable event.

I become infused with the same spirit I imagine Jackson Pollock tapped into, except I use DayGlo colors and reflect the energy of the times I live in.

There are so many possibilities to explore in throwing DayGlo paint: the various color combinations, the types of effects used, the amount of paint, the speed, angle, force of the throw etc. It is an ongoing process and a journey that never ends, an unlimited, expanding universe of magical serendipity (quantum theory at its best).

This work is also partly inspired by the M-theory (the theory of everything ushered in by Edward Witten). The paintings represent the tenth dimension string theory, which states there is a parallel universe. M-theory also states that when two or more different tenth dimension membranes collided they created the Big Bang and our whole expanding universe. The globs of paint in my paintings can theoretically represent these different membranes. They are images of the moment right before the Big Bang with black light/white light parallel universes. Our reality=white light / black light represents the tenth dimension parallel universe.

Paintings can be viewed in black light, as well as white light, and can be hung in four ways. In a coming show of my art, the gallery owner plans to show the art 5 minutes with black light and 5 minutes in regular light, or have an interactive switch so people can switch between the two different light effects themselves.

It pleases me to know that my art has the ability to make people happy. My art is a manifestation of my energy and consciousness.

My recent interview with Alessio Musella for

Alessio: Your first contact with art?

Zatar: I have dyslexia and never got good grades in school except in ART CLASS so my first real experience in art was when in school. At any age when they took out the art supplies I went crazy with bliss creativity expression poetry of color art of form motion interaction great fun. Art always makes me happy.

Alessio: When did you realize that art would become a passion for a profession?

Zatar: When I could not hold down a normal job and made a living in night life, even had my own bar in Hollywood ZATARS.

"Wow! Wow! Wow! I think you must have put in much effort to get this masterpiece done" - Bray Carson

"Great and unique Artworks you’ve got there, I will love to purchase a collection of your artwork pics" - Sylvester V

"Wonderful" - Amerartawards


Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Friend Gives Exclusive Interview and Presents New Book about The Artist

New York Times Web site featured my commentary and a link to my book in an article about the new Jean Michelle Basquiat play, “The Collaboration’ Review: A Basquiat-Warhol Bromance in Bloom

Black Tribe Magazine's Basquiat & Autism? A Talk with Jean-Michel Basquiat's friend Tom Zatar Kay

Zatars Folk Art What I was doing - at the same time as Basquiat 1980's

New York Public Library Research Library Materials, Use in library

Zatar & Jean-Michel Basquiat - Flyer form a Group Show we did togeather Zatar and SAMO

Limited editions: Own Zatar art, pick out the one you want and send the name of the images and your contact information.

Paintings size is 24” by 36” on canvas, framed in black. For prices Boom!


WOW NEW SONG Youtube -
Search Zatars WOW listed everywhere!


"wow (:" - Joelyn Tisay

"Some very weird ai generated music...I thought my phone was jacked up for a" - Jimmy Valentine - Tom Zatar Kay what program or app are you using to generate this stuff? No no all old school - lots of tracks no generation!

LOVE YouTube

MAGIC YouTube - MAGIC Spotify

Party Frankenstein


N1M Charts / Week 49, 2023 Yea number one in NY ZatarS Racing time: 2:32 Electronica

"Hey, so we have found you on N1M and my boyfriend Zac loves you tune ZatarS DoorS OpeN - this is the only thing that he has been listening to.. a few days in a row... THANKS! We love your music keep it up!" - Bianka

"Wow! What about ZATARS DOORS OPEN! Sounds great, super catchy!" - Julie Murdok

Brace Yourselves. This is Holy Shit from ZatarS Fancy something, let's say, a little different, in your portfolio of poetry experience? I offer you: Holy Shit. A three and a half hour computer voice programme poem by the artist ZatarS

S w i f t s & S l o w s: a Quarterly of Crisscrossings - HOT STAINS Tom Zatar Kay & Shalom Gorewitz

Zatars Biggest Hit Space Walking Loop it...

Peace Pole Village Green in Woodstock NY A dream come true! Art and Peace

Zatars Patents

Exxon Enterprises Solar Energy Consultant

Free Enterprise Magazee 1976

THE DEFINITIVE SOLAR BOOK : A Very Comprehensive Anthology 721 Pages - 109 Articles - 454 Exciting Solar Photos Founder - Old Popular Web Site - A Place to Help Save the Earth ECOMALL BOOK : The Ultimate Green Resource

VEGANS EARTH : A Vegan Bible - Our Animal Friends Cannot Speak Out But We Can - Over 500 Pages of Pictures Information and Links

Zatars Early Foke Music

Reviews: Girlz of Zaetar

The band has been known to play with as many as seven girl base players, and with Snakepit, who can blow a sax non-stop ("cycle breathing") Possessed strangers from the audience spontaneously join the band and sing in religious ecstasy! 23 players including Tequila Mockingbird on bass. Tom Zatar Kay on "yoga" - spiritual poetry and head stands - plus seven other bass players, a guitarist, horn section, vibist and myriad percussionist, "all sounds are the right sounds" says Tequila, "call it jam-band ROCK" A cross between Hindu chanting and psychedelic '60s records played at the wrong speed. Now who says the hippie spirit is dead?" LA DEE DA, L.A. Weekly

GIRLZ OF ZAETAR GODS GIRLZ OF ZAETAR HALLOWEEN Live in Hollywood to see this is to believe? Sun Ra and Funkadelic Intriguing sprawl of free jazz, religious ecstasy, and entertainingly devolved ideas about sound, rhythm, tempo, and togetherness. - A brazen display of cacaphony that will bring a tear to your eye The spirit of Ra says you would be foolish not to give them a listen.

GIRLZ OF ZAETAR GODS Girlz of Zaetar Live At Goz - Spiritual shock chaka Kundalini ecstasy musick. 23 players including Tequila Mockingbird on bass. Tom Zatar Kay on "yoga" - spiritual poetry and head stands - plus seven other bass players, a guitarist - Marc Levinthal, horn section - Eddie Edwards, vibist and myriad percussionist, "all sounds are the right sounds" says Tequila "call it jam-band jazz" A cross between Hindu chanting and psychedelic 60s records played at the wrong speed.

Jane's Addiction - Zatar's Pyramid - My club - great fun Dave was under age but got him in such a magical moment in time Hollywood Poets praying and the sound system was supposed to be much smaller but that one was out that night so they gave us this mother big monstrous sound system, and the band’s sound engineer went wild the whole place just exploded so much energy THANK GOD FOR THE TAPE it still blows a utopian moment in Hollywood Art Love booming baby booming - Perry just melted us all - Jane's Addiction Zatars Pyramid Club, Los Angeles, California - The Pyramid was one of many small venues where L.A.’s underground bands performed in the 1980s. The Pyramid show is searing. It’s the kind of unhinged rock and roll that built Jane’s Addiction’s reputation as one of Los Angeles’ best bands. The Pyramid show, years after Jane’s Addiction made it, still sounds fresh and strange.

John Pochna & Zatar - At the After-Hours Hollywood Zero Club John Pochna is an artist and the founder of the decadent legendary Zero Club in Hollywood. An art and party space and after-hours bar full of revelers, an eccentric mix of artists and patrons in various states of inebriation. The Zero was the epicenter of after-hours Hollywood Rock Scene. The Zero was masquerading as an art gallery because it didn't have a liquor license, but did show lots of progressive artist.

Anthony Kiedis - Rapping Poetry - Hollywood Zero Club

Zero Club Hollywood Family After-Hours Party Art TV

UFO Rock-N Roll TV Show

ZATARS BAR: The Luv Bar Every night was a raging party paradise at Zatars Bar a legendary and notorious Rock n Roll primordial watering hole in the heart of the Hollywood strip in the late 1980’s. Nothin' like this these days. Our underground Lair was made up of the wildest band of ultra-bohemian head banging heathens on Earth. Zatars smoking hot hard rock scintillating den of zaniness and debauchery. The place was sizzling with smart young raunchy rock personalities with attitude. A kingdom made of creative, eccentric, barflies, blissfully whooping it up.

Artist Zatar and Banger in Paris Eastside Club Two artist talking about art and life - Henry Banger Benvenuti and Tom Zatar Kay - Mutilation: The Artist's Angry Message - Washingtonpost - By Paul Richard November 29, 1979 - "First he put the phone down, then he swung the ax cutting off two fingers on his left hand," said Donna Frost. "Nobody screamed. He didn't make a sound. You can still see where the blade cut into the counter. There wasn't much blood, just a few drops. - "He left behind a rat trap with a dollar bill with the words ART World written on it, and his briefcase and his Hatchet. ... - "He said he felt no pain. He's a very giving human, a very spiritual person" - Lenny Ferrari

Audio: Zatar's Interview on Go Poetry Interview with Mark Dusty Petracca - Poetry and Ecology…. Talking about everything important …. Boom

GOPI KRISHNA THE LAST INTERVIEW by Tom Zatar Kay A Conversation about Higher Consciousness and the Evolution of the Human Brain - Lots of copies out there

Raw Footage of Tom Zatar Kay Last Interview with Gopi Krishna

Zatars Interview with Gopi Krishna Computer Voice

Zatars Mantra Consciousness surrounds the Universe - Small Earth in the divine - Spiritual power from the mind - Every one of our thoughts - Everything we are tought - Comes from an omni truth - Speaks of hope, inner use - No Nuke!

Tom Zatar Kay Standing On Head in Venice Italy

FRISKY Zatar Performance Art

30 Seconds - Performance Art Unstoppably Watchable - 30 Seconds Performance Art TV Show called "30 seconds" No segment is longer than 30 Seconds. Unstoppably Watchable, The Fastest Show On Earth,” Produced by ARZ - Arleen Schloss, Ray Kelly - Cowboy Ray and Rivington School, Richard Skidmore, Tom Zatar Kay


Spotify - YouTube - Apple - Amazon

"Cool piece man very up lifting" Chris Topher

"Very hypnotic" - Dusty Wright

"Absolutely amazing" - Azarias

"Very Cool And Deep Great Fun..." Five Stars - Barnesandnoble

Wow! Fantastic article Tom. really enjoyed reading it, such a great perspective on Jean-michel. hope it drives more book sales!! - Scott Nussbaum - Phillips

"I love this interview. Your art is very good too. Playful and very thoughtful. I need to get that book" Malik P

"Out of hundreds of articles & interviews about Jean Michel, his friend Tom Kay captures the true vibe & spirit of the artist, his brief iconic moment in time…NYC was a magical place then, & Jean’s magic was a key part of the scene…Basquiat’s ‘truth became his art’ & now the entire world is aware of it’s power…BOOM!" -Jack Armstrong

"Speaking the truth and having fun.. Tom this is fantastic" - Tellmemo

"Very Different but Unique"

Jean Michel Basquiat The King
My Friend SAMO Late 1970-80s

"Tom, we appreciate the opportunity to get acquainted with your work–particularly the dynamic and eclectic color composition of your images. It is really exciting to see these archival images of Basquiat, an artist who has become so central to our understanding of African-American art history." - The Studio Museum in Harlem

Hello Tom,
Thank you for bringing your book to our attention.
It has been ordered for the library.
All the best.
Architecture and Fine Arts Librarian
Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library
Columbia University

“Keep up the great's beyond this world...kind regards” - Jack Armstrong



When I first met SAMO he was very young and homeless, East Side of NYC Artist. I recall smoking a joint followed by a very deep conversation in my parked car and me saying to him "You are sure to hit it big!" I whispered that into his ear when we hugged at his big show at the Whitney Biennial. At the start It was obvious to everyone he had the magic That dude really worked it hard Constantly Creating Original Art. He was a very possessed Artist Exploding... When we first met he was painting T-shirts selling them on the street, Then SNAP Whitney show and then a big loft in the heart of SoHo. The last time the two of us hung out togeather was in his BIG loft - LOTS OF ART EVERYWHERE and many books and magazines A real intellectual. We talked for hours about poetry-art-the placement of sounds of letters the collages of different Letters-Words-Colors-Forms Primal childlike image's - A masterful visionary. A street kid who changed the art world forever. Street Art and Poetry taken to the next level. Whenever I think about that I smile

My new book - 50 Year Retrospective


This is what I was doing in SAMO (Jean-Michel Basquiat) days Zatars Folk Art

Latest Zatars Music:


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Space Walking I Loop it for Hours BOOM

“You're amazing, talented, and your music shows it. You work so hard, and everyone knows it because everyone can feel it in your music. You're so inspirational, and Thank you for that” - James

"Hey, your music caught my attention very much because it's Really Original” – Now that’s What I Call Music

“Hi, amazing - if I didn't have to get up in the morning, I would stay here all night to listen to the rest of your songs. You have done a great job - I am normally iffy about people's recommendations in my feed, lol - but I really enjoyed your music. You have a talent, and I look forward to hearing more of your original stuff - Well, I had a bit more than just 'amazing' to say, lol. Keep it up, will be visiting more soon.” - Anna

Space Racing - The Fastest Most Intense EDM Space Music Ever Produced

"Hey your tune SPACE RACING is the song of my day today, I've been listening to it since the early morning. isn't it wonderful! need I say more... just love it" - Agustin Contreras

"Bloop Bleep I dig this" - Vuzz

Timeless MASTERPEACE "Space Wisdom" YouTube - Spotify - Apple

"Just now listen your song on Spotify. It’s quite amazing" - Md Monirseo

My New Books

Tom Zatar Kay
Vegan, Artist, Poet, Conceptual Photographer, Multimedia Artist, Boomer, Neo-Expressionist, Abstract Expressionist Painter, Writer, Explorer, Folk Artist, Musician, Inventor, Yoga, DJ, Promoter, Performance Artist, Actor, Filmmaker, Comedian, Environmentalist.


"Your page, is amazing. You have awesome music. I'm going to listen to more of your songs now" - Barbara Empirical Research into

The Day After Boom - The Day After Boom "It's beautiful, i feel like it's a classic anthem that everyone should of heard by now - oh yea i just listened to the day after boom again and i can hear the 'no war' cry at the end" - Alex


Just Words

REACTION IN ACTION Such an Exquisite Masterpiece" - HuBa
Deep Poetry Slam Computer voice performance Spoken Word Poetry. A Modern experience though Zatars thoughts vision and conscioness. An experience you will experience over and over... boom

GOZ Energy (Live)

Dancing in Space

My Play List

Thoughts in Space

Children in Space - Child's Girl Computer Voice - The Way I See Life Children in Space with Captions

Hi! I was introduced to you on the N1M and can't stop listening to ya! I'm so impressed with your work. It's amazing- u have such a great music. Good Luck!- Blaine

Children in Space

"Hey, I just want to thank you for your existence. I'm not able to find words for the feeling I have when I listen to your songs. keep spreading your music!" - Geneva

"Thank you for sharing this! My mind is blown it took some time to warm to the chosen voice please post the text I need to read this at my own speed there's just too much to take in I liked it so much I subscribed to your utube channel" - Katina B


Universal mind is printed in time awaken zone hear through om my country is love my birthplace is Earth

"It's different, unique and very powerful. But I would really like to read it on the page vs. hearing it... hmm. I'm still working on it. I gave it a Wow too!" - Florence R

Zatar has also become a verb, meaning doing many things at once "LOAD TESTING, however, is a nice, Tom Zatar Kay way of throwing everything at once". - Sissy Load Tests



HEROES Digital Image Processing

"We appreciate the opportunity to get acquainted with your work – particularly the dynamic and eclectic color composition of your images". - Studio Museum in Harlem



Zatars Instagram 108 Images

Zatar's Instagram

S w i f t s & S l o w s: a Quarterly of Crisscrossings - HOT STAINS

Featured in the Ramapo College Art Gallery

"You are the of Priest of Timelessness" - Go Poetry

Metaphysical Poetry Readings prose monologues euphony BOOMING onomatopoeia Computer Oral Art. Excerpted from the book “Holy Shit” By Tom ZataR Kay. “Human Robot Poetry” When my words are spoken by a computer voice and the effect captures the arts energy a new type of poetry explodes into this universe of balance between crystal computer matter chips and human minds poetry exposed to timeless cyber perfections seeing this… Everyone says its “interesting”. Intellectually essential listening! “Holy Shit” is defining a new type of cyber digital poetry – electronic poetry. “Holy Shit” is Cyber Poetry Radio in action. It is a type of back ground wet music. Where you can listen to any part at any time and it would still be extra interesting. "Holy Shit" ZATARS COMPUTER VOICE 3 and a Half Hour Epic Poem VIMEO

ZatarS Muzic On Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Instagram/Facebook, Google Play, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, and MediaNet

"Unbelievably Energetic and Enthusiastic Man and Also Extremely Friendly, Outgoing and One of the Nicest People You'll Meet" - Kingston Times

ZatarS - Obscure Manic Genius - 27 Songs, 2 Hours 26 Minutes
- On All Major Distribution Websites

Songs - Poetry - Spoken Word

You Tube – Full Songs for Free



Obscure Manic Genius - Spoken Words About Each Song



Zatars Videos

"Artist Zatar Means Time and Path to Some Knowledge" - DJ Spooky, Paul Dennis Miller

The End and the Beginning (Z-A)

“Zatar is Terrifically Energetic” - Spin Mag

"Fancy something, let's say, a little different, in your portfolio of poetry experience? I offer you: Holy Shit. A three and a half hour computer voice programme poem by the artist ZatarS. I had a listen (okay, I didn't make it through the full three and a half hours, but who would?) and then decided to arrange an interview with the artist and creator. He is certainly an interesting character, and believe me, he has a lot to say" - Mike Took - Writeoutloud

What people are saying about "Holy Shit".

"Holy Shit" This is very interesting -

"I listened to a bit. interesting certainly and i do enjoy a challenge but crikey. not sure i could last 3+ hours..." - Stu Buck - Write Out Loud

"You have quite an interesting background" - Matt - Keppler Speakers

"Interesting project" - Christopher Fields, Neologism Poetry Journal

"Not sure I have 3 ½ hours to listen, but I did enjoy the excerpts… and the concept." - Ragazine Magazine - Mike Foldes, Founder

"You are now my favorite modern writer. Serious genius every time". – Molly

OpenSea My Collection Retrospective - YouTube 1 Hour and 12 min Long


"Tom Zatar Kay is an artist that throws paint against a canvas. The art lies in the various actions that he utilizes when creating a work of art. A strong thrust will create on impression on the canvas while a flickof the fingers produces another, and this provides on point of view in art. My sentiment is that he records a memory of that moment in his life. By examining one of his paintings, you can envision the motions that he used. In this way, the audience can imaine a timeline of his activity.

Through analysis of the layers of paint, the observer may establish what the very first stroke without ever knowing for certain. With more attention, patterns begin to emerge, and the viewer becomes engaged in the work.

Some critics argue against his methods, but he creates art in a way that resonates with his style and ideas. Art that lacks a unique voice, style, and conviction often ends up being dirivative of another artists' work.

Zatar has the benefit of letting the audience unravel his art over time since most artwork is static."

By Kevin Ure excerpted form his book "Elements of Music Composition"

"Under black light it will explode!... This is Jackson Pollock gone wild." - Art Auctioneer Barry Cherwin - Past President of the New York City Auctioneers Association

Abstract Expressionist "Splatter King"

"Evokes a Feeling of Contemplative Spaciousness"

Silent Space Gallery "The art at Silent Space Gallery can be a bit challenging to look at. An exhibit by Woodstock artist Tom Zatar Kay for instance, used black light and spinning Day-Glo painting to transform the gallery into a psychedelic experience that was definitely interesting" - Insider's Guide to the Hudson River Valley

"Multi-media artist Tom Zatar Kay studied at Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) with the Godfather of video art Nam June Paik. He’s worked with many renowned video artists such as Bill Viola, John Sanborn and others. Was one of the first Video DJ spinning custom made contemporary Video Art music. The videos were using two different video artists intermixed to the beat of the music – First shown at Hurrah the first video nightclub in New York City. He produced the only performance art video with Jean-Michel Basquiat. His band ZATARS is widely recongnized as a leader in electronic dance music EDM and Space Music. His paintings have won the prestigious People Choice Award at the Woodstock Artist Association and he has published over 25 art related books – prose and poetry.

At 16, he started a solar energy company and the inventor of 4 U.S. patents. Since 1994, Mr. Kay has published articles, testified before the U.S. Congress and made numerous appearances in the media regarding energy topics. His lifetime commitment is to the advancement of renewable energy to help humanity by developing the world’s most efficient electric technology. He is the Founder of the 28 year old website one of the oldest environmental sites on the internet and" - ARTEIDOLIA


I love all types of art, multimedia. If it is expressing a passion it is great. To answer the question directly I have been passionate about art from birth.

Alessio: Your first work?

Zatar: I was a teenager I would deliver flowers to people. I loved the art of living colors, different flower arrangements. Great fun and it smelled great. When people started buying my work - when I would print them out. Art that can be seen two ways. dayglow. black light and white light.

Alessio: To make art, do you need to have studied it?

Zatar: Does a Bird need to go to school to fly? I am a spectrum soul who is constantly studying everything. It never stops, even in sleep. To be an artist it has to be a fire burning, your passion, energies spirit deep into your soul and Purpose of life. In a world without art there can be no peace.

Alessio: How do you choose what to portray?

Zatar: It just explodes into my consciousness and boom another project conception creativity flowing positive vision or looking for that decisive moment to never expect anything and when it works it is still never finished. Lots of versions of conception creating my artistic style, Zatar doing many things at once. My purpose in life is to help heal the world with science art and love. To deliberately effect environments to beneficiary produce an Ideal world and self.

Alessio: An anecdote that you remember with a smile? Also when I won the People's Choice Award for my art “Love In Space” - at a big art show the people picked my work as the best!!! When I think of that I smile.

Alessio: If you could meet an artist from the past, who and what would you ask him?

Zatar: Leonardo da Vinci and I would ask him about the meaning of life and give him a great big hug.

Alessio: If you met yourself at 18 what would you recommend?

Zatar: Keep on trucking - If it is for God It’s no problem – I love you and it’s all going to be OK.

Alessio: How important is communication?

Zatar: The human who is answering this question is reacting to the human who asked the question, it’s all about ways of expressing yourself and I try to reach as many people as I can with an evolutionary energy like all of the great artist of all time. We represent a better future communicating with our new and old media the artist who painted a masterpiece from the beginning of time left a price before the internet now makes every person part of a global brain, a transformative communications TikTok Facebook Instagram tweets etc. New ways are electric cars of arts communications not only with beauty and images sounds and movement but vegan awareness communicating the ecology of climate change and the oneness of our reality. It is a as Buckminster Fuller once told me, a more with less, equality for all living beings, a creature on to the utopian future of humanity's destiny. That's the purpose of communication to awake infinity love and bliss to all.

Alessio: What is the difference in the perception of art between Italy and abroad?

Zatar: Italy, I LOVE you I took my honeymoon there. We were staying in Rome & Venice and I stood on my head on a moving Gondola. What can I say - to me Italy is the mother to all ART !

Alessio: What is art for you?

Zatar: My people, my expression, a way of looking at the world with a positive vision seeing art in everything, everywhere, saving all society and nature inputs and digesting them into my next artist project, performance artist live is becoming a 24-7 performance artist, a situation comedy with a purpose and family of children accepting we all are artists and that art is essential for evolution to happen, beauty exploding in every one we all are artists!

Alessio: What do you expect from a curator?

Zatar: To be an artist themselves and understand and help take me to another dimension of success. I would never be able to reach without their wisdom and advice and business magic and most importantly LOVE.

Alessio: What do you ask a gallery owner? Zatar: To be fun, sweet and a beautiful soul someone who makes me happy and someone I would love to have dinner with

Alessio: How important are light and color to you? Zatar: I am light we all are light, Light is part of all art if there was no light it all would be black and white to me color is emotions feeling vision expression dynamics capturing energies interwoven into a collage of meaning bursting . Dynamic color is why we are all different, So many inter-mixed overlays, new types of combinations colors. Color is the meaning of life.

"Tom, we appreciate the opportunity to get acquainted with your work–particularly the dynamic and eclectic color composition of your images. It is really exciting to see these archival images of Basquiat, an artist who has become so central to our understanding of African American art history." - The Studio Museum in Harlem.

What people are saying about art:

"The splatter, abstract expressionist paintings resonate with spontaneous form and resolve issues of structure and emotive content." - Angela Di Bello Director / Agora Gallery

"Splatter action painting makes me so happy! - Love the controlled attitude of your work!" - Jen

“You’re art is rich and vibrant, brilliant and passionate” – Wex

“Really beautiful, your personal energy shines through, to make this art not just an exercise, art being an object, which continues to give light and life and good feeling” Wlliott Landy

“It really shows carefree skill!!!” Uma I

“It’s like looking into the cosmos, were light shows out of the dark” KDG

“They really POP out at you, they are so colorful” Jonimaya

"Amazing and vibrant work and just want to say that this is so healing and magical!" - Lillian Binder

"Zatar is the new Jackson Pollack." – Gene Kieffer

"Wow, your paintings are remarkable, they leap into the eyes as dreams do sleepers' minds." - Karl

"Looking at all your wonderful art helps a lot. I hope you know that by sharing your art you lift people's spirits. Thanks!" - Cathy

"So rich and energetic! Yeeeeah!" - Glen Allen

"Two colors, thousand faces." - Mauro

"Love this work...especially the composition of colours!" - Franziska

"Your art make me feel happy. Thank you" - Corine

"Your artworks are extraordinarily beautiful." - TheSilverFactory

"There is so much to ponder here." - Babatund Lea

"Rich and vivid, an eye catcher." - Bill

"Wow love so many fragments, cracks, pieces that still hold together." - Peggy Kay

"The paintings are beautiful!!! I gazed at them for a long time." - Cate Woodruff

"A wonderful stir of excitement." - Stephanie

"Passion & Art & Splendor." - Lustato Tenterrara

"I feel energy from your pictures." - Japan Artist

"Lovely work - outstanding colours, very different." - Ingrid

"You have created amazing works of art!" - Bill

"Nice art. You are quite the creative artist." - Stacy

"I am impressed by the emotion and feeling your art portrays." - Corey Nichols

"I like the complexity in your paintings, especially in the ones with fewer colors, like the black and white series." - Nat

"Your paintings are exciting and liberating." - Mkanvinde

"Amazing art, you truly have a gift..." - Alex

"It seems like you have a lot going on, and that is wonderful. It blows my mind to no end..." - Kevin

"Master of the colors!" - Kosi

"Love the work!!!!!! Full of chaos beauty!" - Justin Thyme

"Your art is magnificent." - Susan Mohlpowers

"Wow! Sometimes I wish I could jump into a painting and get lost, This is one of those times!" - Vincent J Newman

"You're artwork is really psychedelic, bright colours fun" - Alex

"Brilliant colour, it bursts into life before your eyes." - Bill

"Peaceful powerful subliminal mind control mellow tones, so intense .. so vibrant in such density." - Chloey

"They're very happy. We need happy." - Cathy Britell, MD.

"Fantastic. I love all the bright vibrant colors. A feel good painting." - Ketya Richardson

"You use great coloures in your art. Lovely." - Martha

"Your paintings are beautiful and full of life energy." - Jeff

"Dig the work...very Pollock.... if I may say so..." - Jorge Emmanuel

"There is a lot of inspiration and power." - Bernard

"I enjoyed viewing your paintings which are most compelling and provocative." - Ruthie Tucker, Executive Director-Curator, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

"This is Jackson Pollock gone wild." - Art Auctioneer Barry Cherwin


'You are now my favorite modern writer. Serious genius every time'. - Molly 'I enjoyed viewing your paintings which are most compelling and provocative' - Ruthie Tucker Executive Director-Curator, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery 'Zatar master of the universe' - Rozola 'My god what a complex being you are' - New Age Matters 'This is really inspirational and wonderful! You are now my favorite modern writer. Serious genius every time.zatar = brilliant I was going to say genius.. but brilliant seemed more in keeping. Incredible as always. Thanks. Victory to Zatar! Surely dancing to the great!' - Escorpionsita'You are elevating universal consciousness!' - Johnny O art 'A text that is true and at the same time has lyrical and poetic traits. even though this statement might seem absurd and contradictory...' - Mancao 'Being unusual has to be a plus in poetry. i like it nice poem.. i like your emotion.. it grabs your attention Wow this is really great, thanks for sharing it' - Janet V'Hi, Zatar Art and feeling are what I see in your writing. A small text, but, that, however, encloses very of your being. Since your personal, individual pain, until your collective, social, patriotic pain. Few written lines But that much says of you and of what you think of the world. Since yours dog 'killing' for its sister, in one accident that marked your soul (as much that for it, you initiate your thought) You parade then the too much tragedies that permeates your life (or your conscience)Hitler 11 of September all the assassins and all the black terror that inhabits for the Earth Then a toast with God, the Love and the CompassionTo contain the violence sending love rays. of pure love! Your thought, my friend, empties in the hope and the love 'Reason of the evolution' And you finish with art with feeling of a true artist:'I can forgive myself for all my sins!'...Ah!... Now I say: 'Ohm...'Congratulations, my friend .The pardon to that they don't know what they make, it's our differentiation in face of the imbeciles' - Um abrao,Lustato. 'The Art of an enlightened fluorescent mind.' - Alan, Translucent Gallery 'In the 20 years I have known you this is (I AM A SURVIVOR ) one of the best things I have ever had the privilege of reading or hearing from you. I have always enjoyed your words and the way you flow. You can make your readers and listeners think and feel and just as easily toy with our emotions. This piece is a prime example of how positive you can be despite the world and the troubles that we all must face. Thank you for a fine piece of peace.' - Hollywood'Thanks for being so cool Zatar. Your art, and poetry always inspire me. Your awesome!' - Dan'Boom! Zatar ignites the universe again with a star of creativity' - Tequila Mockingbird You are a poem from planet Zatar' - Kenny Peck'wow what a long sentence ,, can i breath now ,,, good stuff' - bretto 'Gorgeous work!' - Artcee w 'Your art is magnificent' - Susan Mohlpowers 'WOW' Your paintings are remarkable, they leap into the eyes as dreams do sleepers' minds. you seem like a very vibrant, switched-on person. also really enjoyed yr (very psychedelic) ( music. I left yr page feeling inspired, with a desire to experiment with my expression more often.' - Karl 'I have seen the future of art and Zatar is the Silver Surfer! Boom!' - Dusty Wright'Love the workx!!!!!! Full of chaos beauty!' - Justin Thyme 'I love your work! Great color and lots of energy...' - Best,Jacki :) 'Congratulations. Your art is truly wonderful. Best wishes Zatar is the new Jackson Pollack' - Gene Kiefer'Under black light it will explode!... This is Jackson Pollock gone wild.' - Art Auctioneer Barry Cherwin - Past President of the New York City Auctioneers Association 'Looking at all your wonderful art helps a lot. I hope you know that by sharing your art you lift people's spirits. Thanks!' - Cathy 'The splatter, abstract expressionist paintings resonate with spontaneous form and resolve issues of structure and emotive content.' - Angela Di Bello Director / Agora Gallery 'I absolutely love your work it has inspired me to throw paint' - Thanks, your fan, Brian (UK) 'This one just vibrates off the screen..'. - m2c 'WOW! SOMETIMES I WISH I COULD JUMP INTO A PAINTING AND GET LOST, THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES! ITS MESSY ASWELL, BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THAT! I CAN SEE SO MANY THINGS, BRILLIANT' - Vincent J Newman 'Another piece of brilliant color, it bursts into life before your eyes' - Bill 'I enjoy your art. Thanks for letting everyone check it out. This one is really awesome I must say. You inspire me more than you know. Keep up the great work. I love it!' - Big Bad Dan 'Now that's bloody insane yet so far away but the same mind. Love it man!' - Brian Chasteen 'You are LOVED. YES, great words!!' - HAIR - Directed by Anthony D'Amato 'Very beautiful use of color and texture I like this--there seems to be a lot of depth to this I like the monochromatic pieces as well with this one standing out' - DORIS 'Just love it, so colorful, so fun. Can't stop dancing along with my eyes. Wow, this is so eerie!' - Janpen Thamma 'I like this, it really pops out at you' - rita rita 'Peaceful powerful subliminal mind control mellow tones, so intense .. so vibrant in such density' - chloey422 'It reminds my on my shroom trip.. Its wonderful' - Arto-Gris 'These colors are gorgeous!' - Sharon 'Oh wow, seems you had a lot of fun doing this one ! =) this one is so full of joy ! awesome ! great one ! great colours ! well done ! keep up the good work !' - Marijke Magdalena 'Muy bueno, felicitaciones!' - Diego Manuel 'Ahhhhh, this pleases my eyes a great deal!' - Marque Terrynamahr Strickland 'Oh. I love style. So colorful~~~' - Crazyfenfen 'WOW!!!' - L.A. Powell 'You do great work...I'm feeling' D'z one, Just thought I drive by and show some WEST COAST love Wessideeeee' - Carlos Dennis 'Fantastic. I love all the bright vibrant colors. A feel good painting. I really like this painting. I love the colors you chose. Very pretty. NICE. I like this because it makes you want to go out and have Fun. Very cheerful. A great painting. I love all the colors. I like it. I like the white color peeking threw'. - Ketya Richardson 'Rich and vivid, an eye catcher' - Bill 'I love everything you do.. but this is my favorite' - Maran 'One of my favorite. you're a great master of color' - Raffael Mirto 'Awesome! Wow! I like this one! :) this is very beautiful! I love it! I love this one! :) -~Escorpionsita~ 'Brings to mind the tranquility of an aquarium. something galactical about this makes me feel comforted and protected, like the inside of a mother's womb, if it were to be illuminated. A celebration! A circus of color on a flying trapeze reminds me of china stoneware reminds me of coral-magnified....... or a sea sponge'. - Stephennie 'So rich and energetic! Yeeeeah!' - Glen Allen 'Always lifting me from the muck! Always good to read your harmonic reminders!- And cool...' - molly 'Two colors, thousand faces' - Mauro 'This is wonderful, I love the blue colors in it' - Kirsten 'Wow very unique... props... i love it...' - Eclat One 'This bubble is happy to be sharing your space. Love the color'. - Eugenia 'My favorite it's so pop I feel..'. - Bertrand M. 'Grrreat Colors! gild the fight between warm n cool going on! it glows!!!!!!!!!!!!' - Chris Reynolds 'Very cheerful!' - Jolie Buckingham 'Love this work...especially the composition of colours! very emotionally' - Franziska 'SUPER!!! SUPER!!!' - Mi-Mi moscow 'Wow.. I think I like them all :) the colors are so vibrant. this is great, really. I see dept. And is like a Miro palette. there is no word for 'poetry-made-by-colors', so you can say it and what is the difference between art and poetry anyway :)' - Enebeka '...poetic majestic & interesting painting... cool how you use the nopoint :))' - Art Genovee 'Really love your work and the colors are just awesome' - Nick 'Your art makes me feel happy. Thank you' - Corine 'Your soul is a beautiful place to visit...' - bLaK M.I.A. 'Your artworks are extraordinary beautiful'. - TheSilverFactory. 'There is so much to ponder here' - BABATUNDE LEA 'Love your art. Considering using you as an influence in my major work' - eMmUmSaEwants 'Wicked art!' - O I E N E N O O E wants 'Colorful, funky work!! love it' - wendyvegas art (w c) 'A wonderful stir of excitement' - Stephennie 'I fu**ing love it!! is this your creation friend?? genius!!' - Stormi 'Passion & Art & Splendor I love(d) your work... Impressionante o jogo de cores... Art and passion - Passion and splendor!' - Lustato Tenterrara. 'Weird and impressive paintings:)' - fak ' Zatar, I feel energy from your pictures' - Japan Artist 'REALLY LIKE YOUR POWERFUL UNIQUE STYLE/VIBRANT COLORS' - Khloe 'WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PAINTS. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK' - ANDRE LAURENT 'Lovely work - outstanding colors, very different' - Ingrid 'I like your artworks too much, really TOO MUCH' - Nimesse's 'Love your work and the colors and composition of your style' - Roger 'haha.. Action Painting, that's true I think I would see art like this in my mind... it's funny. your colors!!! looking very powerful too, wicked' - wunschkind 'You have created amazing works of art!' - Bill 'Nice art. You are quite the creative artiste' - Stacy 'j'aime beaucoup votre art,superbe de maturitValrie' - Valrie 'You have some amazing works.. a joy to view!' - s.dAviS 'I am impressed by the emotion and feeling your art portrays' - Corey Nichols 'Congratulations on your fantastic paintings!' - Lady Vinylya 'Wonderful - Hi I really do love your work. I find it marvelous. There is lots of energy .' - Tony Broiwn 'Fellow artists united! Just wanted to let ya know that your art is energy inspired. Life's essence well captured. Congrats. It's an extreme pleasure' - Care X, Mia 'I like the complexity in your paintings, especially in the ones with fewer colors, like the black and white series' - ciao, nat 'Really nice artwork. I luv those colors and the composition!' - Monica 'love your paintings!! great energy !!' - golok 'Your paintings are exciting n liberating' - Mkanvinde 'Amazing art, you truly have a gift...' - Alex 'I like so much your universe!' - Bridget 'I was really taken back. It was amazing to see that I was not alone in this world of painted energy and thoughts! I really dig your artwork. It seems like you have a lot going on, and that is wonderful. It blows my mind to no end...' - Kevin 'Zatar love the Art Art Art piece ' - Nick Nicely 'I have no choice but to tell you of my utter amazement and ... alien fascinations... wowee! hats off to you' - Sunny Tum Tums 'Funny experimental art!' - zEkay 'Master of the colors!' - Kosi 'Yes a big energy in your work...' - Gypsie ' Happy - Now, I will return to your space and continue to enjoy your art before heading off to dreamland' - Marilyn OM... 'I just discover your art, just minutes ago. I am amazed by it. It seems like poetry to me. After seeing your paintings online, I feel validated. Thank you for that feeling.' - Lorna David 'Great artwork! I love your work! Great color and lots of energy...' - Best, Jacki :) 'You make really cool art!' -Jules 'UR artwork is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo BRILLIANT!!!...LoVe,PeAcE & HuGs...x...' - laine 'I really dig your abstractions... PeaCE',- Sean 'WONDERFUL WORK! CREATE WITH ABANDON AND PASSION RIGHT? EXCELLENT!' - Kathy 'Hey Zatar! very very interesting works! 'wow this is so neato! if you look close enough you can see the souls' 'love the colors! so vivid' - Claudine's Gallery's 'Just vibrates off the screen... peace' - m2c' 'Hey Zatar I love your work. Keep me update for whenever you have a show or some special event' - CHATISMO MB 'I really like your work. It's emotional, deep and intense'. - MB 'Your colors are so expressive, so magical, i like yours paintings' - fauve 21 'Hi Zatar, your paintings looks so fantastic. Very intensive and expressive! And I like the colors you have used!!! - greetings from Germany' - Rainer 'BEAUTIFUL coloured and detailed world you live in..great!!' - A. GIULIO, Baistrocchi 'Great paintings! I dig the colorful day-glo splatter action...very cool!!' - Astrid 'Your paintings are beautiful and full of life energy' - Jeff 'It's all LOVE and it's a wonderful thing. Thanks for being open to the mystic'. - Mary 'You make a very explosive art. Keep it up!' - Jax 'Love the energy in your work!' - bill 'FANTASTIC WORK FULL OF PASSION - CREATE TO BREATHE' - Aloha from Hawaii Kathy 'Gorgeous colors in your gallery - really clear and vibrant! :-)' - Steve Shore 'Dig the work...very Pollock.... if I may say so...' - Jorge Emmanuel 'Happy painter like me?' - Mr Pras'There is a lot of inspiration and power' - Bernd 'Very interesting work Me Like' - Gladys 'Your work is beautiful! I like your paintings... you're so strange!!!' - Kiss from Italy. Marinella MaHs 'Outstanding work my friend....very Jackson Pollack.' - Caleb Morgan'I really dig your abstractions...' - Sean 'Your work is beautiful'- Roddy Scheer 'This is fabulous!' - Lee Wind 'The paintings are beautiful!!! I gazed at them for a long time.' - Cate Woodruff 'These are very interesting. Very Pollock.'- Kirsten, MD. 'They're very happy. We need happy.' - Cathy Britell, MD. 'Thank you for your colored universe!' -Escorpionsita~ 'Wow! Awesome artwork! I love them all!' - Terry :) 'Zatar- thanks for your beacon of positivity!' - Stephennie 'Spread the positive energy' - sanja 'hey, I like your art work, life is color' - liebe gre from germany, halina:) josabel 451 'A beautiful works full of life' - Tropical salutation from mayotte island.JOSABEL 451 'I am enjoying touring your gallery and find your use of color and texture to be quite exciting and beautiful' - DORIS Logan 'Dude your work is incredible!' - Meru Matu 'We are all one:-) No separate from myself is you:-)' - The Michelle Experience 'Hi Zatar, Nice to meet you and to discover your beautiful and inspiring work' - Jean Louis'Your work is striking and uplifting' - jahlinx 'you have a lot of fun stuff going on, i like it all! WEEEEEE!:)' - EVOLVING' 'Saying hello to a magical artist, Your artwork is very beautiful!' - Gunilla'Interesting...and beautiful...:)' - Escorpionsita 'LOVE your space poetry' - Angela 'Great food 4 the soul! omsweetommmmmmmmmmm!! - Nina Hagan'The words just flow together with no interruption in thought as though in a state of meditation no discrimination among what is acknowledged by the consciousness....i love it!' - Stephennie 'I find your use of color and texture to be quite exciting and beautiful----' -DORIS 'I am drawn to your art work because I can feel it and it speaks to me! ;) Your canvas definitely resonates sound! Boom! Zatar ignites the universe again with a star of creativity. - Tom F'Zatar. . . . your art make me feel happy. Thank you' -Corine 'IT is amazing your flow ! amazing , as always, it is your feather flow such a flow, love it! universe surfing ... ; first - rate Zatar' - Art Genovee 'Wow that is the coolest deepest thing I've read of poetry for some time,,very intense and very clever with that stream of consciousness flow. The way it reads is also very song like, do you play music? I ask as i can hear this being in a song' - Susan Rodio ART'What do you hear my thoughts? LOL!!' - GNOSTIC_8 on

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"Absolutely love your stuff and why you are not on the radio!!!??? god bless your talent!" - Jenny Welsh

"OK What a good tune. Much respect and admiration. Its a blessing to hear something like this when one starts to think: are we really inspired enough these days? I personally think that it shows that you are more musically gifted if you can bring us different kinds of music than just playing the same thing tune after tune. I like your music very much because of its diversity and you are not tryin' to repeat yourself or any artist out there. I appreciate the creativity you put into your music style. From a true fan of all your music. - Watching people around me being challenged by the seasonal vibrations. When I feel it start to invade my space I turn the music up louder. Listening to RazeD right now helps!" - Amanda

"Hi, amazing songs!" - Amy

"That sounds good. I like it!" - litkit10

“I suppose I should have come along here sooner, to let you know just how much I appreciate you and your music. First of all, your music is so inspiring. The kind of stuff that can help you get through those really rough days, (You've been there through some of mine recently, and I don't know if I can tell you how much your music has helped.) I hope to be able to be here to watch all of your future albums come out, and watch your fanbase grow. All in all, thank you for being so amazing. =] And here's well wishes for everything you do in the future, because you deserve only the best”. - Jo

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“WOW! I fell in love with your music! Sorry, that's sorta corny, but it's how I feel. I'm ur fan. I just forwarded your link to several friends. Will be buying your album. Keep it up, you have wonderful talent...good luck” - Karen

"Hi! I think this phrase would express how I connect with your music "If I were the boss at major record company, I would definitely sign a deal with you immediately!" alll the best to you and God" bless!!!"- Melissa

"I liked a lot of them simply because of how unique the sound was" Brandon Pippin - Lit Kit10 LLC - Recording and Publishing

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I am proud of you, Awesome - ENDEGO

"Great" - M I C H E L L E KOSTE

"So Beautiful" - Adalberto

"<3333" - Tammi_Lentine

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"NYC" I simply loved this!!! Stefan Dodson

Hi! After listening to a song called nyc on the charts. I enjoyed it so much, so here are my grateful thanks. Have a great day. -peace and love- - Sanford E

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"Hi! This music rocks of what ive listened to so far keep up the work and keep trying maybe those dreams of going more into the public will happen." - Mui

"wow!! what an absolutely mindblowing music you have!! wow wow wow! - Ayla

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Ass-rattling songs - Sun Ra and Funkadelic Intriguing sprawl of free jazz, religious ecstasy, and entertainingly devolved ideas about sound, rhythm, tempo, and togetherness. - A brazen display of cacaphony that will bring a tear to your eye - The spirit of Ra says you would be foolish not to give them a listen. - Reviewer: rkf - D ANGEL

"Lahasa you know I think all I can say is... wow." - Denny L

"All I got to say is.. ‘Lahasa’ this song is so dope, def one of my favorites from you. Continue to impress us with your timeless style." - Hung

"I suppose I should have come along here sooner, to let you know just how much I appreciate you and your music. First of all, your music is so inspiring. The kind of stuff that can help you get through those really rough days, (You've been there through some of mine recently, and I don't know if I can tell you how much your music has helped.) - All in all, thank you for being so amazing." - Jo

WOW! I fell in love with your music after listening to your song Lahasa! Sorry, that's sorta corny, but it's how I feel. I'm ur fan. I just forwarded your link to several friends. Will be buying your album. Keep it up, you have wonderful talent...good luck" - Karen

Hello Girlz of Zaetar. I've been known to lie awake nights wondering what music would exist between a sex-crazed Sly, a meditative Femi Kuti and a drawling Captain Beefheart!! And here you are out of the blue! Thank you so much for allowing me now to sleep at night! I enjoy your fun energy. Thanks for the invite. Be well, -- Paul Kabotie Native American Art, Forum, Artists, Art Shows, Culture, History Ken O'Gorman

"Hey GoZ, You and your band are truly unique artists. Always groove to your own thing, that's what free jazz is all about. Thank you kindly for the add and keep doing your own thing, Peace! Sincerely" - Ken hamzhum

"It's really great to listen to emotionally carried songs. Great" - Camila

"You 'Girlz' are fantastique" - noisetet

"Hey...I heard about you from a post on twitter. Your stuff is great. lahasa is one of the best songs i heard recently" - Erika

"Absolutely loves the girls performance ethic... and music - especially "full moon"... and "lahasa"... and "halloween", of course. if we were there, or you were here, we would love tp play with you... but, alas, we're not and you're not, so we'll just drop by to visit. won't you do the same?" - peace, noisetet bls/ds netchaiev

"Awesome!!!! Thanks so much for the request! Between the Art Ensemble and the Arkestra! great! Thanks" - ELEMENTSI..

Killer tunes you guys Rob Transmute..

You guys are cool! Safe for the support - check back soon for an update :) Darrison

Greetings Girlz, and welcome to DarryVille and thanks for the unity, thats all nice,i hope all is well and jiggy for you and yours,you have some interesting crazy ass music there,made me smile a while. ciao for now and keep bouncing ; ) DJ COLOR

Nice vibes! keep in touch colorz!!!!!!!!!! Weird concept. Rewarding result.

With a 23 person line-up, Girlz of Zaetar exists somewhere in-between a sex-crazed Sly, a meditative Femi Kuti and a drawling Captain Beefheart, creating music that is at once excruciatingly pretentious and wonderfully listenable. The 35-minute-long "Gods" is so commercially suicidal it's beautiful. Even musically, after its first few faltering steps, it proves to be a wonderful track; a gliding chant that extends above and beyond itself to end up in some absurd Hindi love parade.

The three subsequent tracks are much shorter (both in length and inscope), and fail to engage on the same level -- although they do prove the band's musical diversity and ability to maintain interest. In a musical field where too many acts tend to end up in dead-end jams, Girlz of Zaetar use their musical abilities to communicate with their audience. Fear of Rehearsal is a wonderful testament to this free, generous spirit, and is as spontaneous as its title suggests.- Stein Haukland -

Guys, you are absolute geniuses! The best ways for me to get detached from stress are the good ol' ones: sex, drinking and music, but after the 1st listen to this EP of 51 minutes I don't know if I was better, I just felt different ever from before; it's one of those experiences changing my life, like a heavy surgical operation with partial anaesthesia or the watching of the "Guinea Pig" series. Described as sexy synth band from another planet with never the same sound at any given moment playing urban jungle musick, I would say that this is totally ad-libbed music crossing Hindu chanting and TRUE psychedelic records of the 60's played at the wrong speed; yeah, a sax comes and goes on a rhythm based on percussions and chanting reminding me of some middle-USA sects using snakes to prove their faith to God. In the long "Gods" (35 minutes) there're several noises and rare guitars; it's hard to explain it, especially when this shock chakra kundalini ecstasy music is made by 23 people with the help of possessed strangers from the audience spontaneously joining! Ghostly opera vocals, noises, effects and much much more; the top is reached in "Lahasa", a dynamic wacky song I can't stop playing over and over. Guys, you are absolute geniuses! Is this the true art music? Or yoga rock? And in the end, who cares? Let's enjoy this spiritual poetry with 7 bass players alternating and have an acid trip without paying the consequences of the aftermath of a (write here your fave drug) addiction. Now, who dares ta say hippies' spirit's dead? - MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - Rock Metal Bands

jam band with a psychedelic twist Reviewer: Cheryl A jam band with a psychedelic twist - primal, spacey, ethereal, rock/jazz from another dimension. Cool and fresh.

Sounds interesting, in an interesting way. Reviewer: Ian Koss - Ink19 Sounds interesting, in an interesting way.

Sounding very interesting there! Reviewer: The Exclusive Fanzine - Matt Sounding very interesting there!

(Sun Ra-ish) Reviewer: Michael.Davis, WUSM-General Manager You have some interesting ideas at work here (Sun Ra-ish)

Girlz of Zaetar’s Fear of Rehearsal is experimental, avant-garde, electronic, ambient, jazz very reminiscent of Miles Davis’ revolutionary 1970s creative leap to electric instruments on such albums as Bitches’ Brew music that defined what came to be called fusion. The centerpiece of this twenty-three piece collective’s album is the first track, Gods, a 35-minute, meandering sonic landscape that uses as its artistic palette tenor saxophone, electronic noise, guitar, percussion, bass, and non-distinct human voices that at times sing, talk, and scream. The saxophone solos are very well played, with great fast-paced runs and layers of sax noise provided by the multi-player horn section. This instrument is especially well utilized in the second track, Lahasa, with a great squeaky, squonky sax riff that repeats over disjointed percussion and ambient noise before the rhythm section begins to kick a groove. The highlight of the entire outing is “Full Moon,” a slow, hypnotic meditation with great groovy percussion and bass. - Matt Sherman - LEFT OFF THE DIAL Merch

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